Perl in 2020

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“Nobody use it. It's a dead language. It's a technology of the past…” Are the kind of statement you'll be likely to hear about Perl nowadays. Nonetheless, I've landed one of the most exciting mission I've ever had because of Perl. I've met great people, because of Perl. I've solved issues in no time, because of Perl. So, there's no chance I'll drop Perl any time soon. That doesn't mean I'll stop exploring new languages (like Kotlin) or even loving other ones (like Golang). But you know, when I love it's forever… WHAT PERL IN 2020? For me it will be maintaining and improving an impressive code base used by thousands of people in a great University. Improving Net::Whois::RIPE, as some people are still using it. (by the way, a new release is out!) Probably more testing (setting up a CPAN smoker?) and always some more tools… AND THEN? It will probably be like that for a long time… I hear…

On the move

Blogger has been useful, but it's time to get my data back. That's why this blog will slowly move to a self-hosted platform: those wondering, it uses Hugo)

See you soon for brand new articles on this support.

Sur le départ...

La plateforme Blogger m'a bien été utile, mais il est temps de se réapproprier mes données. C'est pourquoi ce blog va tout doucement migrer vers une plateforme auto-hébergée : ceux qui se poseraient la question le nouveau blog tourne sur Hugo)

A bientôt pour de nouveaux articles sur ce support.

GoFr - Episode 07

GoFr - Episode 07 (Soundcloud) est sorti !
Sébastien FRIESS, Stanislas Michalak et moi y parlons du Framework Buffalo, de la contribution à des projets Open Source et de la GopherCon Eu entre autres choses...

GoFr - Episode 06

GoFr - Episode 06 (Soundcloud) est sorti !
Sébastien FRIESS, Thomas Perez et moi y parlons entre autre choses de la dotGo 2019 à Paris.

Just enough...macros

The first article of a series "Just enough Vim to be efficient" talks about Vim macros.

Just enough...Macros (on Medium)