Affichage des articles du janvier, 2018

2018 a new year to go

First let me wish you, dear reader, the very best for 2018:
May you have health, success, fun and love in abundance!

For some years now, I've started learning/using a new computer language every year.
2018 will be no exception: This year I'll learn and use the Go language.

Why Go?

Because I like the (clean and simple) syntaxBecause the tooling/ecosystem is mature enough for meBecause of the performance (even if it's not my primary concern)Because the goroutines / channels look like neat tools to tame concurrencyBecause I like the interface conceptBecause I subscribe to  Eric S. Raymond opinion that Go could be the next C
As usual I'll try to post about my discovery of the Go world.
So stay tuned, and don't hesitate to comment and give advice.