Affichage des articles du octobre, 2010

I'm a XP whore and a git learner (en/fr)

As I've not found an XP Whore support group, let me confess here my flaw. I've always been an XP whore : I've been a RPG gamer when I was a kid, a stat junkie when I've started to work, a Perlmonk.... So as a geek, I had no chance to resist my latest discovery : git-achievements ( This tool just impersonates git : export PATH="$PATH:~/git/git-achievements" alias git="git-achievements"    To now log every git action and grant you some "levels" based on the actions you do. But more useful than to the "git levels" granted to you, you also have cool stats about your git usage that might be useful to tweak your config/workflow/tools... If you want to see what a casual not so frequent user can start to produce as stats, look here : And what it looks like when you're a git master : F