Affichage des articles du février, 2014

Review : "Enterprise Games" by Michael Hugos

In this book, Michael Hugos introduces "gamification" or the process to apply "Games mechanics" to business world. I was very interested to learn more about gamification, and I was happy to find a book with a title so promising : "Using game mechanics to build a better business" but to tell it frankly, I was a little bit deceived by the content of this book. The style is clear and easy to read, but past the introduction and despite several "real life" examples, I quickly got frustrated by several things : _ The way the topic is presented is too "buzzword compliant" to me. (You know when you have the feeling that the book, filled with many strange words, was intended to convince you of the almost magical efficiency of the presented topic...) _ I was looking for concrete things to start exploring the subject : processes, mathematical algorithms, innovatives ways... And I didn't find much things useful to me. The only useful i