Affichage des articles du mai, 2016

Why Javascript in 2016 ?

Many of my friends express their surprise when I say I chose to learn JavaScript in 2016.

With so many cool languages to learn, why using a "toy language" of the past instead of, let's say Haskell, Go, Nimrod, Rust (just to name some)?

First and foremost, for me it's not as much as learning JavaScript in 2016 as learning a new language in 2016. But whatever your reasons : not become fossilized, improve your efficiency with new tricks/paradigms/tools or just plain fun you'll probably feel the urge to learn a new language sooner or later.
This bring us back to the question why JavaScript in 2016?
Reason to choose JavaScript Ubiquity It could be handy to be able to do everything in one unique language (from command line tools, front-end Web dev,  server coding, phone applications to robots programming) and JavaScript now allows that. That wasn't the case before but with node/express/commander/ionic/cylon.js (to name few) you'll have all your needs covered.

Migration dans la simplicité.

Après une mise à jour de mon système je me suis retrouvé avec un postgresql 9.5 flambant neuf (et vide) ! et une version 9.3 encore en place avec toutes mes bases dedans.

Mais moi je veux toutes mes bases dans la 9.5 et pas de 9.3.

Modification du Port à 5433 dans /etc/postgresql/9.3/main/postgresql.conf et 5432 dans /etc/postgresql/9.5/main/postgresql.conf

Un petit redémarrage en tant que root

root@vault:~# pg_ctlcluster 9.3 main restart
Redirecting restart request to systemctl
root@vault:~# pg_ctlcluster 9.5 main restart
Redirecting restart request to systemctl

Une copie simplissime en tant qu'utilisateur 'postgres' :

postgres@vault:~$ pg_dumpall -p 5433 | psql -d postgres -p 5432

Un peu de nettoyage

root@vault:~# pg_ctlcluster 9.3 main stop
Redirecting stop request to systemctl
root@vault:~# pg_dropcluster 9.3 main

Et voila toutes mes bases migrées...

J'adore PostgreSQL !