Affichage des articles du juillet, 2016

The devil codes in Pramda - Wandering in the JavaScript Functional programming world

  Article originally published on  Hello.js As a Perl coder, I'm a big fan of functional programming. If that sounds odd to you, think about all that features that are considered as idiomatic Perl : List processing (map, grep) High order functions (Mark Jason Dominus ;-) ) Lazy evaluation (iterators) Lamda calculus (closure) Functional programming is a fascinating thing but it’s not so easy to use consistently. We all love the concept, feel the inner power. We all use lists, closure, functions as parameter, but how many of us manage to fully apply functional programming everywhere and commit to pure functions and immutability ? I recently discovered a wonderful library for functional programming in JavaScript that could help you embrace functional programming even more and I'd like to share it with you: it's called Ramda . There are several other functional programming libraries (more on that below) but what makes Ramda so practical and somewhat un