Affichage des articles du juin, 2016

JavaScript for Perl lovers.

Article originally published on  Hello.js This time I feel really qualified to write this article because believe me, I love Perl ! I think in Perl, I dream in Perl, and I really appreciate the whole Perl community. I’ve been in love with this language for more than a decade but I decided that I needed a change. I’ve already said in a previous article why I chose to learn JavaScript this year (instead of getting involved in Perl 6 for example) but let me tell you why you might also enjoy learning JavaScript if you love Perl. Perl developers form a very unified community that all too often, resist outside influences, but learning a second language like JavaScript can really be a very enlightening experience. It’s expressive  JavaScript, like Perl, is an expressive language. You get your work done with just a few lines of code. When talking about programming languages, I really like the tent analogy: In a tent, you have functional things (tent fabrics) whose purpose is to provi