Affichage des articles du 2018

GoFr - Episode 04

L'épisode 04 du podcast est en ligne (avec un nouveau membre dans l'équipe !) On y parle Golab 2018 , , coups de cœurs, événements et on lance un nouveau concours :-) Si le podcast vous plait, merci de m'aider à le faire connaitre en plussant/likant sur les sites suivants : reddit twitter

GoFr - Episode 03

GoFr - Episode 03  e st en ligne Dans cette interview, Bastien Vigneron parle du choix du langage Go et de son usage au sein de sa société ( LibMed ) Si le podcast vous plait, merci de m'aider à le faire connaitre en plussant/likant sur les sites suivants : Reddit Facebook Twitter Linkedin

GoFr - Episode 02

GoFr - Episode 02  e st en ligne !! Nous évoquons, mon accolyte Thomas Perez et moi : Les coups de coeur La communauté des gophers francophones Les événements Le nom du gagnant au jeu du cadeau mystère... Si le podcast vous plait, merci de m'aider à le faire connaitre en plussant/likant sur les sites suivants : Reddit Facebook Twitter Linkedin

Podcast sur le langage Go (golang) en Français.

GoFr - Episode 01 est en ligne !! C'est le premier podcast sur le langage Go (golang) en Français. Au programme : Actualité du langage,  Coups de coeur Revues de livres Et un jeu concours avec un cadeau mystère...

Podcast sur le langage Go (golang) ?

J'envisage la création d'un podcast en Français portant sur le langage Go. Je serais intéressé par votre retour pour déterminer l'intérêt et le format idéal pour ce podcast. Pour répondre, c'est  via ce formulaire

The fourth virtue of the programmer

Note: This article was cross-posted on  Medium Larry Wall once wrote “The three great virtue of the programmer are: laziness, impatience, and hubris”. I took great care to follow this path to become a programmer. Though I must admit I already had great disposition for laziness. Now, as an accomplished programmer (*cough* hubris *cough*), I think it’s time to improve further. I’ve search for a loooooooong time. And after a week of thinking (*cough* impatience *cough*) I’ve decided to talk to you about the fourth virtue of the programmer. The fourth virtue that’ll make you a more productive programmer is consistency . Let me show you in this article how to apply consistency for your profit easily (*cough* laziness *cough*). Find your rhythm and stick to it Your mileage may vary, but for most people, being consistent in the time you allocate to a project/task will boost your productivity. Don’t take my word for it, but make an experience: Code one day a week on a project

Go (Golang) for beginners

Because I might not be the only newbie in the Go world this year, I've decided to document here all the information I gathered. Install Go Go installation is pretty well documented on the   official Golang page  but it can be summarized to: Downloading the binary matching your OS and architecture from  the golang download p age wget Extracting the software (/usr/local/go seems to be the recommended location) tar -C /usr/local -xzf go1.9.2.linux-amd64.tar.gz Creating your Workspace Go workspace is the place where you put your source code and where the go packages/tools will be downloaded. mkdir $HOME/go In this directory, create a src subdirectory where you'll place all your code. mkdir $HOME/go/src Setting the environment variables Setting  GOPATH ( export GOPATH=$HOME/go ) to point to your workspace. Then your path PATH ( export PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/go/bin:$GOPATH/bin )  For a system-wide

2018 a new year to go

First let me wish you, dear reader, the very best for 2018: May you have health, success, fun and love in abundance! For some years now, I've started learning/using a new computer language every year. 2018 will be no exception: This year I'll learn and use the Go language. Why Go? Because I like the (clean and simple) syntax Because the tooling/ecosystem is mature enough for me Because of the performance (even if it's not my primary concern) Because the goroutines / channels look like neat tools to tame concurrency Because I like the interface concept Because I subscribe to  Eric S. Raymond opinion that  Go could be the next C As usual I'll try to post about my discovery of the Go world. So stay tuned, and don't hesitate to comment and give advice.