CPAN modules you love to hate (or the contrary)

If one thing starts to bother me in the Perl universe, it's all the dependencies which force you to pull half of the CPAN each time you try to install a major module.

Don't get me wrong: I love Perl, I love CPAN, I love modules and I definitively love code reuse BUT may be we start doing it the wrong way.

Let's think why we need code reuse:
1) Because we're lazy ( as every good Perl programmer :-) ) and don't want to
rewrite an existing wheel (if a good one already exist)
2) Because it reduces the code size by factorizing common parts

The factorizing aspect is especially important to me:
_ Common parts (modules) are more tested as more users eventually use them
_ Code is easier to maintain (smaller, less heterogeneous...)
_ It forces us to think about the API, which eases enhancements
_ ...

Now if I look at the dependency mess on CPAN, I realize that what's is bothering me is not the numerous dependencies,  but rather that most of them void/lesser the benefits of code reuse.

Why must I use 3 different XML SAX parsers?
Why must I use 3 different Serializer modules?
Must I really use 2 different dispatch modules?
Can't I just use one error/handling module?

I wholeheartedly adhere to the TIMTOWTDI motto, but the more I use CPAN modules the more I get functional duplication code: My applications get globally bigger, more complex, heterogeneous, less tested than it could be...
What a paradox!

I'm calling to your wisdom : am I the only one to feel this dependency bloat?
Do you see any path to a more efficient Modules use?


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