Module::Build rocks!!!

Yes I know, this module is already four years old and I'm probably the last Perl coder still using ExtUtils::MakeMaker for his modules.

Some experienced friends of mine already told me about it.
(Hello Maddingue, better later than never...)
I knew that I had to use it, but until today I didn't...

For those of you who haven't see the light, here are some reasons why you should switch to it:

_ It's easy (and you should be lazy) => make2build from Module::Build::Convert made the conversion a breeze without requiring to read any doc (ok I've read the doc anyway, but it's beccause I'm curious...)

_ It's powerful (and you should be impatient) => Build testcover and you have a complete test coverage provided out of the box!
(this feature alone is a killer to me, I know you can achieve the same with EU::MM but it is provided by default with Module::Build)

_ It's the state of the art (and you should be hubristic): using tool of the past without any good reason isn't a pragmatic behavior.
Module::Build is more portable, offer more options, and offer an automatic Makefile.PL generation for all the tools expecting one
(to get for free the best of both world)

There are tons of other reasons that you'll find if you read the doc.
Alleviating  SCHWERN's pain (the EU::MM's maintainer) being the most original one to me :-)

Do yourself a favor, just use Module::Build with your modules.


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